Wargames Illustrated 7TV 2nd Edition Day

Stand by for action! Ever wanted to run you own Cult TV show? Or are you already the Producer and Director of a Cast of Heroic or Villianous Archetypes, either bent upon world domination or destined to save it? 

If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding “Affirmative!” then Wargames Illustrated invite you their 7TV day on Saturday 28th May 2016.  They are offering 24 players the opportunity to visit their HQ in Nottingham, UK and take part in a Campaign Day set within the eclectic world of the Crooked Dice Games Studio’s finest product, 7TV Second Edition.

Tickets will cost £30 and will cover all food and drink, including snacks and a hot lunch. Producer-Directors will need to provide certain items for use on the day, including their own 28mm miniatures taken from whatever range they fancy!

In company with all the WI Gaming Events so far, this is NOT a tournament. Instead, they offer the opportunity to meet up with a wide range of gamers in a central location and have the chance to share an aspect of the hobby. The Campaign Days are designed to be relaxed occasions where the social aspect of the hobby is paramount.

So, if you want to thwart devilish plots or threaten the world with that ‘laser’ in the garden shed,purchase a ticket TODAY!


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