Department X PG launch

Tune into Department X…

Here is the first of our core Programme Guides for 7TV 2nd edition – Department X!

Each programme guide allows you to make all-new casts, containing new and exclusive models and rules. Programme guides bring characters from television, and this one is the start of us exploring the most famous of the 7TV Studios shows and their various villainous protagonists. In each guide we’ll explore the production, fiction and gaming aspects of each cast.

This 32 page PDF guide details Department X – part spy agency, part scientific think tank and part elite military unit. Join Hugo Solomon, Pandora King and their eclectic team as they take on all manner of weird threats to Great Britain and beyond. This programme guide includes 35 profile cards you can use in a Department X cast.

We have made a Department X page or you can simply go to Gumroad to get the PDF.

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