To Protect and Serve

We have a torrent of releases this month with 16 new models, a resin vehicle and a new starter cast. And if that’s not enough two new decks of profile cards and a new starter deal for 7TV!

We are the law!

So the 16 models are the Lawmen. Four packs of four law enforcement officers (£10 each) that you can tailor with either City Cops, Sheriff or Security Guard heads. Loads of head and weapon options as well as a sweet deal of all 16 for £30. These heads are also available separately, as are the weapons (Pistol, Rifle, SMG) and police accessories from these packs on a couple of new sprues.

Let’s off-road!

Next up is a new resin Land Rover – a staple vehicle from many an action series and perfect for transporting your 7TV casts. Only £15.


It’s criminal

The mini releases are topped off with a new Crime starter cast – a collection of nefarious models at £15 – it’s a steal.

New profile cards and FFF programme guide

Two new packs of profile cards are no available: the long awaited SHIVA programme guide profile cards (36 cards for £5); and the double-sized Future Freedom Fighter profile and gadget cards (a whopping 92 cards for £12). You can also download the 36 page Future Freedom Fighters PDF (£6) that contains all the FFF cards as well as some new episodes.

And finally, get started

Want to play 7TV, but not sure which models to choose? Well we try and make it easier with a bargain price on two starter casts (just £5 each!) when you buy the boxed set in this starter deal. That’s £60 for the lot! Cry me a river!

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