The Beat Programme Guide Released

The Beat are a tough Police unit working the mean streets of London’s Greendock area. Roughing up villains and taking bribes are all in a day’s work. Get them into your games of 7TV with this excellent 48 page PDF, which also fully details Criminal casts for your games. Features new Archetypes, Extras, rules, weapons, vehicles, a new episode plus great art, photos, TV listings and an entire transit van’s worth of stolen stuff brilliant background.

This PDF also includes a code for £2 off the upcoming Heroic Programme Guide book, which will contain the Department X, Man From 2000 and The Beat PDF material. As a further bonus, anyone presenting us with all 3 codes (save £6!) gets the combined PDF free. This volume will be released in April 2013. Find the Beat PDF in our Store here.

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