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Site Maintenance

PLANNED WEBSITE OUTAGE: 16 OCT 8.30pm – Midnight(ish)

Our Technical Minion is updating our website tonight, during this time it will be unavailable. This is perfectly normal. We hope to have everything done in time for breakfast tomorrow, we will provide complimentary bacon rolls to everyone by way of inconveniencing you all.

Dice Office moves South!

We are moving the entire Crooked Office down to Karl’s in Lincolnshire. This will let Graeme spend all his time writing new 7TV material and working on new games. We are taking on Anna as our new postage and orders slave Minion, and Karl will oversee this work from his dictator balcony and drink lots […]

Website on small screens

We have noticed our website is not yet fully optimised for viewing on small screens – phones, tablets etc. The right hand side menus can disappear if you don’t have enough horizontal display size. This can make parts of our site more difficult to use, especially the Store. There IS a setting somewhere where we […]