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Today we are celebrating this great virtual event with a small promotion. There’s a free figure with any on-line order, lots of bargains in the sale section of the webstore, plus you can pick up the new skeleton spears and evil eye releases.

Dice @ Conpulsion, Edinburgh Teviot Sat 13th April

Graeme, lots of stock and the 2ft demo board will be at Conpulsion 2013 in Edinburgh Uni’s Teviot building on Saturday 13th April. If you’re coming, get a go of “20,000 Legs Under The Sea”, which faces Kitty Stroker and her SCUBA strike team against the MadameDroid and her bionic bordello of Femdroids, who for […]

NOT @ Targe / 7ombieTV Downloads

Top BAD news is that due to Graeme having a bit of idiot confusion, Crooked Dice will NOT be trading at this year’s Targe show in Kirriemuir, on Saturday 10th November. Neverthless, if you’re thinking about going, go. Graeme might host a very very small 7TV show in his own house that day. Also, one […]

Crooked Dice @ Crisis

We’ll both be at Crisis in Antwerp on Saturday 3rd November, with our Crooked wares and the Fiddler’s Green demo table. Graeme’s travel arrangements from the frozen North mean any orders received after Wednesday 31st October will be processed on Monday 5th November.

Visit us at SKELP, Forfar, Saturday 20th

Just a reminder to say that we will be at the SKELP Wargames show in Forfar on Saturday 20th with our current range of Crooked wares, plus a 2ft square demo table – now with Pandora King, X-Commandos, Minions and a Metalnaut. Ho ho… There will also be the chance to see our new resin […]