Strange Days

The coronavirus spread is obviously causing great concern and uncertainty. Here’s a quick note just to let you know how Crooked Towers is being affected.

First off, we are trying to be positive! Anna’s job is temporarily shut, so she is home with me. That means many japes and company in the office, but also that we have been able to get lots of the day to day work done in half the time! Also, please be rest assured that we are taking all the recommended hygiene precautions when packing orders.

So, first off we have been able to power through the Kickstarter rewards. The last pledges will be sent out today – all shipped in under a week! You may find that your local postal services might be affected by the shutdown, so parcels could take a little longer to reach you. Take some comfort that all parcels have a return label service on, so if seriously delayed, should come back to me.

We are still shipping all orders normally, with the usual same day turnaround. Our local post office is still taking parcels, so there should be no disruption if you want to pop in a sneaky order to keep you sane during your isolation.

I have thought long and hard about this, but I will go ahead with a new campaign next week and launch on the Wednesday 25th March. Now everyone is a little anxious about their finances at the moment, so I am very open to the fact that this affect the project. However, with the cancellation of shows and everything ready to go, it seems worth a punt! Any support you can give to help publish the book and cards and bring some new sculpts to life will be greatly appreciated.

We have lots of new releases planned for April and Salute. There are: some more Fishfolk; the magnificent Great Cthulhu; Scarab Swarms; Stone Lasher; the Giant Spider; some new vehicle accessories; a new MDF corner console; and Poisoned tokens for your pulp games. Plus I hope to have enough Pulp Sci-Fi stock to get these into retail quickly too. So lots to choose from!

Salute and the UK Games have both sensibly been postponed and it seems likely that others will follow. We all love these events and want them to continue, so looking forward to get back on the circuit as soon as we can. Obviously it will cause a dent in the finances, but there are folks far worse off than us. Like many other of my lovely games company colleagues, I will have a think about some fun things to do for Salute weekend to try and make up for the disappointment.

Now with no shows going on and Anna helping day-to-day, I hope to be able to get on with some more writing. There are loads of 7TV projects going on behind the scenes: 7TV: Fantasy is close to play-testing; 7TV: The 80s is ready for us to write all the profiles; 7TV: Pulp has three adventure packs in development with Lurkers From The Deep and Rick Rhodes and the Pirates of Luna City both in playtesting, with Secrets of the Golden City nearing a first draft. We also have lots of work to do in developing the dungeon crawler and a couple of other secret projects. I might even be able to get back to do some work on Adam Kismet for Inch High Spi-Fi!

So the future is bright, even through the current visor of my hazmat suit. Stay safe, healthy and positive as we all try and navigate our way through these next strange few months!

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