February 2014 News

Start it up! Boxed Sets and FedSec for February

We have another pack of Federated Security (£9 for 3 or £3.25 each) for you this month – supported by a new Heavy Trooper (£3.50).

February also sees the release of our first two Starter Sets. Start a new 7TV cast or expand an existing one with these boxed sets – plus they give you a nice saving compared to the individual packs! This month we bring you S.H.I.V.A set (13 models) and a Minions (14 models) Starter Sets – for £25 each. We’ve supported these packs with a free PDF cast list, just follow the links.

Our recent sale has caused various items to fall out of stock, please bear with us while we respin the moulds and get them back in.

Deal of the Month: Spend £40+ on non-new release stuff and get any PDF* worth up to £10 free! Let us know what you’d like when you checkout and we’ll send you a manual download link ASAP. *: 7th Voyage PDFs excluded.

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