Salute 2018


The UK’s biggest wargames show is held at ExCel in London on Saturday April 14th and Crooked Dice will be trading and running games for 7TV throughout the day. Just follow the red line on the map below to our trade space at TD11 and game space at GD10.

Salute Floorplan 2018

Play Our Games!

As usual we pack a van full of figures and scenery to let you play our games in real life with other actual people you may or may not know, aided by our gang of trained and mostly harmless referees. This year we have two games for you to enjoy:

  • It’s not easy being green! Can the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles protect New York City from the might of Shredder and Kraang?
  • 7TV: Apocalypse Come and get a sneak peek at the next boxed game (coming Autumn 2018) and see if you can survive the wastelands?


Our refs will teach you the rules if you’re new to it, and keep you right during the game. Each game is quick and won’t eat up a huge amount of your valuable Salute time.

Come and chat

This year we’ll be on hand to chat to you (we don’t bite!) on subjects as varied as our games, miniatures and beard styling and maintenance. We love Salute as we get to meet you all, so if you really want to know who can fit the most jelly babies in their mouth at the same time, come and say hi. We may also be able to tell you of our plans for upcoming miniatures and rules.

We’re bringing all the miniatures in the collection and plenty of 2nd edition 7TV box sets and accessories. So if you want it, stop by, have a chat with our sales persons, get fed some sweets and buy more than you really need. We’re planning on bringing lots of new releases to Salute (see below), so we’ll have all of those plus all the old favourites.


If you really want to make sure you get your toys, and save some time on the day then we strongly recommend a pre-order. You can email us a list of what you want to pick up on the day and we’ll put it aside for you, and you can pay for it then. If you’d rather pay us up front you can order it on the website, we’ll refund your postage paid and again we’ll bring it and you can take it away.

Salute New Releases

There are lots of new toys available at the show. Check them out below. Note that some of the images are pre-production versions, but the masters have been checked and look fantastic!