7TV 1st Edition

7TV is our smash hit tabletop miniatures game set alongside the classic sci-fi and action TV shows of the 60s and 70s.

Fight across the tabletop as your favourite re-diffused heroes or villains. Flamboyant geniuses, karate kicking angels or unearthly agents sent to maintain the universal balance fight against double agents, sultry spies, mad scientists and supernatural legends. So get out from behind the sofa. Put the kettle on. And tune in to 7TV.

The plots are preposterous and the guest stars improbable. Car chases, debonair adventuring, punch-ups, explosions and open-top sports cars are all in a days work in 7TV. From the groovy mews of London town to the casino tables of Monte Carlo, flamboyant rogues and high-kicking heroines safeguard the world against madmen, despots and secret cults.

The Rulebook

7TV core rulebook

7TV is available as either a 184 page hardback A4 rulebook, or a correspondingly identical PDF here. In glorious full colour throughout, all you need to add are some miniatures, scenery, dice, players and a table. And a brilliant but barely feasible plan to take over the world in some improbable manner.

The rulebook has been lavishly illustrated with both photos and groovy spy-fi silhouettes by (and in the style of) awesome artist Stan Chow. In addition to get you in the mood there are numerous pages of actual 7TV script excerpts and original TV listings from back when the shows were originally on the box.

The Basics

7TV utilises the simple mechanics of the action:engine and a few six-sided dice to enable you to learn the basics quickly and keep the action coming thick and fast on the tabletop. Mimicing a filmed production, the activation rules force you to prioritise which models get to act each turn – the camera can’t be everywhere! Harvest the constantly changing wave of audience appreciation and utilise heroic actions to perform all manner of heroic or villainous acts. The straightforward rules focus on 28mm skirmish games with around a dozen models per side.

Added to this simple D6 cocktail come all manner of complications – throw your opponent’s plans awry with one of 39 Event cards, including the annoying Equipment Mix Up and the satisfyingly evil Premature Gloating. Or whip out one of the 42 Gadget cards with which your models might have equipped themselves, including the multi-functional Miniature Laser or the hilarious Brain Swap Helmet. Meanwhile, your models can deploy some of the 75 special effects to gain all kind of benefits. Special effects are divided into 7 categories: Combat, Disadvantages, Knowledge, Physical, Traits, Unexplained and Other. Will your characters be highly focused experts or jack-of all trades?

7TV has several supplementary products available, as detailed below, or click here for the full list:

The Summer Special

Summer Special cover

School’s out. Two weeks in a tent awaits. Only the 7TV Summer Special can get you through! 48 pages of softback book or PDF, this contains lots of additional 7TV material you’re bound to find useful.

Play ongoing campaigns with the Ratings War rules, get new weapons, animals, Extras and Guest Stars (including Tweedy Mattison, WPC May Killan and Daisy Taylor), fear the alien Envoy invasion with a whole new monstrous race, and have a mini campaign. And 9 each all-new Event and Gadget cards – get nasty After the Watershed or swap one of your hands for the powerful Mechanical Claw.

Heroes Programme Guide

Heroes Programme Guide

This 128 page Heroes Programme Guide book or PDF details 3 heroic casts for 7TV, compiled from the 3 individual heroic Programme Guide PDFs. Get all the on and off screen background for Department X, The Man From 2000 and The Beat.

Each cast is given in full detail – their Stars, Co-Stars and Extras, new weapons, Event and Gadget cards, vehicles, special rules and tactics are given so you can bring them to an episode and strike a blow against the forces of villainy. If you’d prefer to pick and choose which cast you’d like to field, then each third of this book is available as an individual PDF (see below).

Villains Programme Guide


Why let the good guys get all the fun? This 124 page Villains Programme Guide book or PDF details 3 villainous casts for 7TV, compiled from the 3 individual villainous Programme Guide PDFs. Create mayhem with S.H.I.V.A., The Argonauts or United Radionics.

Each cast is given in full detail – their Stars, Co-Stars and Extras, new weapons, Event and Gadget cards, vehicles, special rules and tactics are given so you can bring them to an episode and undermine the rule of law. If you’d prefer to pick and choose which cast you’d like to field, then each third of this book is available as an individual PDF (see below).

PDF Exclusive Products

We also have a number of PDF-exclusive products; check them out below or take a look here:

Programme Guide PDFs

Get 6 7TV casts, each in their own PDF. Each has full details and rules for one heroic or villainous cast:


Department X are a high-tech secret agency charged with eliminating mysterious menaces.

The Man From 2000 details Darius and the ultra-secret time-bending Project Time Lift.

The Beat is the nickname of an embattled Police force, who are prepared to be just as underhanded as the criminals they bring in.

The murderous cult of S.H.I.V.A. follow the mysterious Guru with absolute fanatacism.

The Argonauts are a legion of metal creations programmed to claim their place atop the ruins of humanity.

United Radionics enormous corporate structure hides a company whose intentions are far from benevolent.

On Location

On Location cover

7TV packs up the outdoor filming gear and heads On Location for some exotic outdoor action. This 112 page PDF lets you game in all manner of iconic spy-fi places from Desert, Space, Underwater and Frozen Waste. Get packing!

Contains full environment rules, new weapons, vehicles, animals, Extras, Event and Gadget cards. The included Programme Guide includes full cast details for the Albion Rocket Corporation, the Daredevils and the Iron Ceiling. Plus the 5 episode Where Angels Dare campaign.

So book your flights, get your jabs and tune into 7TV.

The Menagerie PDF

The Menagerie

Department X agents Hugo Solomon and Pandora King face The Menagerie! The derring-do duo have crash landed their plane somewhere in the mountainous wilds of Russia, and wake up captured by unknown assailants with help seeming very far away. In the Kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is King…

This 19 page PDF is based on the episode of the same name, and contains everything you need to play out the action. Full cast lists and profiles are included, as well as 5 pages of print, cut out and assemble scenery by the excellent Wayne Peters.

Rogues’ Gallery PDF

Rogues' Gallery

We bring you a right Rogues’ Gallery with this 30 page PDF based on the 3 quick-play games we ran at Salute 2012. Solomon and Pandora face some scares in rural England in Fiddler’s Green, The Time Lift Security must defeat The Mist From Mars, and The Beat attempt to nick the Duchess down the docks in the Canning Town Collar.

These 3 episodes feature script extracts and TV listings with great photos of all the action as it plays out. Get all new characters with full cast lists, rules and maps for each rumble. Top 7TV action by likely lads Matt Gibbs and Morgan Nash.

Set Designer PDF

Set Designer

The Set Designer PDF is 179 pages, most of which comprises 1960s-modern themed floors and walls created by paint and art legend Kevin Dallimore. If you’re looking for a warehouse, evil lair, science lab or any other spy-fi interior, you’ll find the components in here – both with and without floor grids scaled for 28mm miniatures.

Kev has included a comprehensive introduction on how to quickly and cheaply assemble an unlimited amount of rooms for gaming, all you need is this PDF, a printer, scalpel, metal rule, glue and LOTS of foamboard. Many of the mini images on this site were produced using floors and walls from this PDF.

Free PDF Products

To save you cutting up your books you can download our event cards and tokens, reference pages and all kinds of useful stuff free. We also have various PDFs with new profiles as well as FAQ+Erratta. Click on the links below to download them directly:

7TV Cover 160px

7TV Core Rulebook Downloads PDF
The 7TV Rulebook Downloads PDF contains all 39 core rulebook Event cards and 42 Gadget cards, plus all the game Templates and Tokens. If you don’t want to buy ours, download and print them yourself in your own secret lair.

7TV Cover 160px

7TV Cast List & Reference PDF
The 7TV Cast List & Reference PDF contains the full Cast List page (Summer Special ratings war compatible) for recording all the details of your 7TV cast, plus the page of reference tables. Print and play!

7TV Cover 160px

7TV FAQ & Errata PDF
The 7TV FAQ & Errata PDF contains all known glitches we’ve found in the rules since they were first published. Newer printings may have some of these corrected. The FAQ answer some of the more common 7TV questions. This covers all 7TV print & PDF products.

Crooked Dice Summer Special Downloads

Summer Special Downloads PDF
The 7TV Summer Special Downloads PDF contains the 9 Gadget and 9 Event cards, as well as the templates and tokens from the Summer Special.

The Man From 3000 PDF

The Man From 3000 PDF
The Man From 3000 PDF presents the fearsome adversary of Darius and everyone at Project Time Lift. An insane criminal from the future, the Man From 3000 possesses awesome mental powers, and will let nothing stand in his way.

Children of the Fields PDF

Children of the Fields PDF
The green and pleasant land is not always pleasant – the Children of the Fields PDF lets you bring rural magician Lady Sylvia Winterly and her cult of nature into 7TV. From the distracting May Queens to the brutal Corn Doll Mr Mangel, you’re in for a big surprise…

Stefan 'Grief' Travers PDF

Stefan ‘Grief’ Travers PDF
The Stefan ‘Grief’ Travers PDF details one of 7TV‘s most notorious killers-for-hire. Freelance assassin Travers sells his services to those with little morale scruples, while he hunts for his nemesis, Hugo Soloman..

On Her Majesty's Crooked Service

On Her Majesty’s Crooked Service PDF
Pulp writer Robin Bland was commissioned to write several spinoff novels based on 7TV shows. We tracked down his widow who allowed us to publish some excerpts as the On Her Majesty’s Crooked Service PDF. Classic Daredevil vs S.H.I.V.A. action!

On Location

On Location Downloads PDF
The On Location Downloads PDF gives you the 9 Event cards, 15 Gadgets and 20 Equipment cards, plus Endurance tokens and the crevasse template(!) from our On Location book. Get those scissors away from our book!

Is the 2nd Edition compatible with the original 7TV?

In a word, no. You’ll recognise all the same concepts – casts, special effects and episodes from the previous version, but we’ve simplified a lot of the rules and totally rewritten the core combat mechanic. So in the end, we’ve ended up with a different game.

If you already have the first version of 7TV, don’t worry. Both the beta test and final rules will be available free to download – including the rules themselves, the profile, countdown and gadget cards and the tokens you need. We will also release all the 2nd edition cards for the current Programme Guide casts free, so almost nothing you have already bought will be obsolete. There will be some material (especially from the Summer Special and On Location supplements) which won’t get a 2nd edition makeover, but we think with all the additional stuff we have planned you won’t miss it.