The Guru

“We are now receiving shipments of processed uranium from the Chinese Tai-sheng reprocessing plant. Our repurposed factories in Hanoi are manufacturing the new silicon chips with the hypnotic carrier wave transmitters. SHIVA sleeper agents are now in place in both the Pentagon and the White House. Oh, and we have bought the Scottish National Party. Just in case.”
Scharführer Eric Köhner, SHIVA

Welcome to SHIVA! The Supreme Headquarters of International Villainous Agents maintains a low profile, only coming out of the shadows to strike with deadly precision. Their aims and plan may only be known to the Guru but the effects of his plots make the world’s headlines, even if the name of SHIVA is not publicly attached to the thefts, murders and extortions they carry out. How widespread is the reach of SHIVA? SHIVA is everywhere…

SHIVA stars

The agents of SHIVA have nothing in common except their evil purposes. Little is known about their members, only speculative notes in files. The Guru is hypnotically commanding, able to will his subordinates to carry out his every whim, while Kali acts as his personal assassin and bodyguard. He has gathered together the disaffected from all corners of the world, from the Cuban submariner Captain Squalo, through ex-Nazi Köhner and the artificial constructs of plastic and metal respectively – The Mannequin and the Destroyer. SHIVA utilise street urchins, mysterious cultists, gangs of youths known as Friendsises, as well as the militaristic rank and file minions. Beast Masters train black panthers, swarms of spiders crawl forwards like a deadly living carpet and Thuggees unleash poisoned attacks. SHIVA may hit and run, but they strike to kill!

Gaming SHIVA in 7TV 2nd edition


Rules and profiles for SHIVA are covered in our new SHIVA Programme Guide, which is available as a PDF. This PDF contains:

  • Background to the 7TV shows SHIVA made an appearance in
  • In-game background for SHIVA, it’s characters, Extras and vehicles
  • 35 Profile cards for all the models available to a SHIVA cast

You can get the SHIVA Programme Guide PDF from Gumroad.

The Profile cards will also be available to buy as a fully printed deck, to save you printing them out yourself. You get all the rules you need to play a 7TV 2nd edition SHIVA cast if you have either the PDF or the deck of cards.

I already have the 1st edition SHIVA Programme Guide

The 2nd edition rules are totally different, but we have a free PDF with B&W versions of all the 2nd edition profile cards for models in the 1st edition book, available HERE.

Kohner leads the Daughter of SHIVA

Tactical tips for SHIVA

SHIVA have a wide selection of Stars, Co-Stars and Extras so no matter the mission, you can find the tools for the job. A SHIVA cast offers great options for setting up right where you want to be, and once you’re on the field of battle you will likely have options for further movement, so you’re unlikely to get involved in a pitched battle. Which is lucky, as your troops are suited more to guerilla warfare tactics than pitched battles. Strike then fall back, casualties among your troops are expected and acceptable.

SHIVA Products

Click HERE to see our range of SHIVA products and models.