Department X

Department X

“Operation Damocles. The total bill for this seems to include mind wiping one hundred and four civilians, invalidity benefits for eight Police Officers, demolition of a row of Georgian houses and the rehousing of occupants, and the replacement of an ornamental fountain, entirely destroyed by plasma weaponry. Plus ammunition for your X-Pistol. I would say we got off lightly.”
Hugo Solomon, Department X

Welcome to Department X! The Department of Extraordinary Affairs as it is more properly known, is a part military, part scientific secret organisation tasked with protecting Britain from interdimensional, otherworldly and plain strange threats. Department X utilises captured alien technology to build gadgets and weapons simply unavailable anywhere else on the planet. These are brought into play by highly trained Agents and X-Commandos, all under the supervision of the dashingly flirtatious psychic Hugo Solomon.


Everything about Department X is over the top – from it’s headquarters atop the Post Office tower, to the individual Extraordinary Agents sent out to investigate reports of weird goings-on. Add in characters like the academic investigator Tweedy Mattison and Solomon’s love interest being the suspected Russian spy Kitty Stroker. Then get to grips with rank and file like the X-Commandos, and their psychic martial arts expert Fox and heavyweight Hound specialists. Then get the local bobbies involved with the Cuckoo, the Department’s Government Liason, but watch you don’t obliterate everything with your hulking X-Tracks or the serious firepower of the Advanced Weapon Team. Getting the picture that Department X isn’t your usual place to work? If you even get to hear about it. Which is unlikely.

Gaming Department X in 7TV 2nd edition

Department X Programme Guide

Rules and profiles for the Department are covered in our new Department X Programme Guide, which is available as a PDF. This PDF contains:

  • Background to the making of the Department X TV show
  • In-game background for Department X, it’s characters, Extras and vehicles
  • 35 Profile cards for all the models available to a Department X cast

You can get the Department X Programme Guide PDF from Gumroad.

The Profile cards are also available to buy as a fully printed deck, to save you printing them out yourself. You get all the rules you need to play a 7TV 2nd edition Department X cast if you have either the PDF or the deck of cards.

I already have the 1st edition Department X Programme Guide

The 2nd edition rules are totally different, but we have a free PDF with B&W versions of all the 2nd edition profile cards for models in the 1st edition book, available HERE.

Hugo vs FemDroids

Tactical tips for Department X

Department X are very well rounded with a good range of fighting and shooting ability. If you bring gadgets then lots of their models can utilise them for extra flexibility. The Department’s Advanced Weapon has astonishing damage potential. Many of your X-Commando models have increased survivability from the body armour they wear. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you’re paying more ratings for a lot of your Extras to account for this, so you might be outnumbered so use your firepower wisely!

Department X Products

Click HERE to see our range of Department X products and models. We don’t yet have models for Security Guards but we think our Time Lift Security with Pistols, Rifles and Commander would be great for these until then.