Danger 5


Chestbridge-smallA Word From The Colonel…

Shut up, girl! You know I don’t like to use the sit down gun so listen up. It’s the 1960’s and World War Two is still going on. Allied High Command wants you to get yourselves together and ship out immediately. Find out what devious plan the Nazis are up to this time, and remember…
… kill Hitler!

Danger 5 comes to 7TV 2nd edition!

D5 SS Front Cover
Danger 5 are Claire, Isla, Jackson, Pierre and Tucker, and aided by the Colonel they are the best hope of winning the war. And considering they just can’t get along for two minutes, we’ll be lucky at that.

From Hitler’s Sex Dungeon to the arid North African casinos of Rommel, to Mengele’s secret Arctic volcano, the Nazis have the world sewn up tighter than a sack of italian coffee. Not only content to threaten the world with terrible German television, they have created lizard soldiers, brainwashed Allied forces and turned them into superhumans, used dinosaurs as terrible living tanks and even piloted massive Japanese robots in an attempt to destroy the their enemies.

If the world is to once again hear the sounds of syncopated jazz, read “Sensible Chuckle” magazine, or play the Masaruchi Utility Guitar, then Hitler needs to be stopped!

The Danger 5 Starter Set comes with 8 miniatures to get you started, and now comes with 9 profile cards so you can use the miniatures in the box in 7TV 2nd edition.

We also have more Danger 5 miniatures available, with plans for even more in the pipeline. We’ll be bringing out a full Danger 5 Programme Guide as soon as we can smuggle it out via the resistance. Meanwhile, if you already have the Starter Set, you can download the 2nd edition profile cards HERE.

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