7TV: Inch High Spy-Fi

What is 7TV?

7TV is designed for cinematic style skirmish games. If you love an old television show or film and wish you could realize it on the table top – well, now you can!

7TV is a tabletop miniatures game of high-octane spy-fi action set in the worlds of 1960s and 70s cult TV shows. Spies, minions, masterminds, ghosts, aliens, officialdom, hitmen, coppers and metal killers are all waiting for you. Relive some of 7TV Studio’s great lost shows or create your own and reach new audiences! 7TV is back in 2015 with an all new 2nd edition, so grab your shooting script and lets go!


What is Inch High Spy-Fi?

It’s a mixture of the spy genres and science fiction, spy-fi is epitomised by glamourous and over the top movies like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and most especially James Bond and Austin Powers. Spy-fi brings us undersea and volcanic villainous bases, outrageous ransom demands, evil plans, lots of gadgets and seduction of enemy agents – and of course the mini-moke. All of which were too good not to include in 7TV.

The Rules

The 7TV rules allow you to put together a cast of between 3 and 24 (or more!) models and fight other casts in abandoned warehouses, secret volcano lairs, forbidding jungles and underwater bases – in fact anywhere you like! Use your star qualities, special effects and gadgets to get your mission accomplished before the countdown ends and the episode is over. The core rules are generic, so if you’ve seen it on screen or had a dream about your perfect lineup, you can put your cast together quicker than ever before.

This contains all the rules and cards you need to play 7TV, with dice, counters, tokens and a blast template. The rules have been updated and mercilessly spellchecked from the free beta PDF version, and now come in two full colour rulebooks packed with background and photographs from the world of 7TV. The full components of the boxed set are:

48 page Director’s Guide book • 32 page Producer’s Guide book
74 Hero & 74 Villain profile cards • 27 status & objective tokens
45 Countdown cards • 20 Gadget cards • 20 Plot Point tokens
Blast & Flamethrower template • Pewter Maguffin miniature • Six D6

The 7TV 2nd edition boxed game


The Worlds of 7TV

The 7TV boxed game provides generic profiles, but we have also developed a rich world of characters and factions that you can also explore – each completely compatible with one another. Each new cast comes with a programme guide, programme guide and miniatures. Currently available are:

  • Department X – part spy agency, part scientific think tank and part elite military unit.
  • Paranormal Exterminators – fight spectres, spooks and cryptozoological threats.
  • SHIVA – a worldwide criminal organization of silent indoctrinated killers, led by the mysterious Guru.
  • the Children of the Fields – a folk horror cast made of killer scarecrows, manic mummers, cloven hoofed-horrors and sinister children
  • The future is here and it’s oppressive! Join either the Future Freedom Fighters or the Federated Security and fight to save the galaxy


7TV Inch High Spy-Fi Products