7TV: Apocalypse


7TV:Apocalypse allows play in any genre of apocalyptic game you wish. You can chase your enemies across a desert with giant ants from the atomic age, or try to outrun mohican-sporting marauders for the last drops of guzzoline.


Or maybe you want to face the zombie hordes in any number of undead holocausts from the black and white classics to the modern award-winning franchises they have spawned?


You can fight for the very souls of mankind as angels or demons on Judgement Day. Or escape the virus-ravaged City from your bio-engineered nemesis. Perhaps you have imagined some future dystopia ruled by the machines, simians or alien overlords – and want to break the chains of their oppressive regime?

All this and more is possible with 7TV:Apocalypse, providing hours of play across many genres.



7TV:Apocalypse is designed for cinematic style skirmish games. If you love an old dystopian television show or post-apocalyptic film and wish you could realize it on the tabletop – well, now you can!

Using the same rules and mechanics as the 2nd edition 7TV: Inch High Spy-Fi rules, 7TV:Apocalypse are stand alone and are intended to allow players to run games within the many worlds of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Players can control a disparate group of survivors, a zombie horde, alien invaders, marauding gangs, the mutated offspring of the apocalypse or angels and demons battling for control of the world! The rules and profiles are designed to be as generic as possible, allowing you to field whatever type of themed cast you wish.

Along the way, we offer some advice on re-creating worlds in the aftermath of certain types of apocalypse and the most suitable cast members that should be used.

Vehicles in 7TV:Apocalypse


No post-apocalyptic game would be complete without the white-line nightmare of duelling biker gangs or an armoured bus fleeing from a zombie horde.

7TV:Apocalypse allows you to build and arm your own vehicles and engage in fast and furious vehicle combat. We are trying to capture the essence of the great cinematic car chases and battles.


As such we are aiming for high-octane action, rather than real world authenticity. So movement and combat are slightly abstracted to fit into the existing UGOIGO system.

Using vehicles is entirely optional, so you don’t have to include them in your cast if you feel they are not a good fit for your games. But you have total flexibility to mix games with skirmish, and vehicle combat; or play just with vehicles if you wish.

Compatibility with 7TV

In the 7TV: Inch High Spy-Fi, vehicles are essentially used for deployment. However, if you wish to include full vehicle combat these rules are fully compatible. Agree with your opponent on what parts of these rules you plan to integrate before play begins. Wheelman special effects can be added to 7TV profiles by using the Customising your Stars and Co-Stars rules.


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