7TV 2nd Edition For Clubs

Are you a member of a gaming club?

If that’s a “yes” and you’d like to get your club playing 7TV 2nd edition, maybe we can help… If it’s a “no” then please follow the yellow line on the floor to the particle dispersal booth, there’ll be one free in a minute.

7TV 2nd edition is great for club games – it’s easy to play, quick to put a cast together and it gives you a chance to threaten to destroy the world with your giant space laser if your outrageous ransom demands aren’t met. If you don’t want to take our word for it you can download the free rules and cards on our Gumroad site.

7TV comes equipped with a default setting of spy-fi (think James Bond) but already has free programme guides available to expand 7TV territory with the spooky Paranormal Exterminators and Scooby Doo. We’ll shortly release the Future Freedom Fighters programme guide as well. Then we’ll release even more programme guides covering all the great casts we released for 1st edition, and then some more. If you can think of it, you can play it!


Club Deals

Any ongoing orders of £100+ we receive from clubs from 1st January 2016 will be eligible to get 20% of the value of their order (excluding postage) as FREE metal products of their choice, up to that value as priced on our website. Get together with the rest of your club, decide what you want, then pick your freebies and get in touch with us. The £100+ can be made up from any of our products, not just 2nd edition goodies. The free metal can be anything you like (as long as it’s metal).


  1. We will accept orders via our website or email us to pay by cheque
  2. Orders should be placed by a designated club official
  3. Orders received during the Dicestarter period will receive stock at Dicestarter prices
  4. We will need full details of your club
  5. All orders will ship when we receive the 2nd edition stock (Dec/Jan)

If you have any questions get in touch!