7TV 2nd Edition FAQ & Errata

Welcome to the 7TV 2nd Edition FAQ & Errata page. On this page you’ll find answers to questions we get asked a lot, and if we officially tweak any rules (which we’ll try to avoid), we’ll list these here as well.


Can you shoot if you’re in base contact with an opposing model?
No you can’t. Hands up, we edited this out of the rules by mistake. If you are in base contact with an opposing model you totally cannot make a shoot strike. You’re going to have to move out of base contact and risk a free strike.

What can you include in an open casting cast?
Open casting is the cast creation system from the main rulebook. You can access any Stars, Co-Stars, Extras and vehicles from these rules, and any other supplements – as long as they have one of the 7 genre symbols on their card: Civilian, Crime, Law & Order, Military, Science, Secret and Unknown.

Note that some Programme Guides may have models you can use – for example the Paranormal Exterminators Programme Guide includes (among others) the City Cop with the Law & Order genre, and the Creeper with the Science genre. These count as though they were in the main rule book as far as open casting is concerned.

An open casting cast can also include ONE Star or Co-Star model from any one Programme Guide with the same affiliation as your cast (heroic or villainous). This model doesn’t bring any of their genres to your open casting cast.

Full rules for open casting casts are given on pages 4-5 of the printed Producers Guide, and pages 40-41 of the free PDF rules.

What can you include in an programme guide cast?
Each programme guide – either the PDF or the cards – clearly state what you can include in the relevant cast. This will typically be original profiles as given in that programme guide, but each one may also allow you to bring in hand-picked Extras, and less often Stars and Co-Stars from the open casting system.

Note in some cases if you choose certain models in a programme guide cast you may be able to bring in a wider range of models. For example, if you choose to include Captain Squalo in a SHIVA cast you can choose to include the otherwise unavailable First Mate, Sailor and SCUBA Diver Extras.

If you play a programme guide cast unless otherwise stated you do not get to bring in one model from another programme guide cast, in the same way you can if you choose an open casting cast.


It sneaks in. The following detail 100% official rules changes since we printed things. This link has a PDF of the changes.

7TV Core Rules

Van profile cards should state Capacity 10.

Surveillance Van profile card should state Capacity 6.

Minion Squad unit card should state: 0–1 Land Rover per full or part 6 models.

Department X Programme Guide PDF & Cards
The X-Commando & X-Commando Captain cards should have ‘2 Shots’ added to the EFFECTS column of their Rifles.