7TV 2nd Edition Downloads

You can find download links for all our current 7TV 2nd edition products here. The files are in PDF format and might be zipped, so you might need some basic software in order to use these, although we suspect most modern devices of all kinds will be able to open .zip files and read PDFs.

7TV 2nd Edition Print Friendly Rules

New 2e Online edition available


We have updated these rules to the final versions and turned them into a printer friendly document which has minimal illustrations, photos and colour use. The file also contains all the profile, countdown and gadget cards. These rules and cards are the same as the ones which will make their debut in the 7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game, currently available in our Dicestarter.

(v1.0 30Oct15 12.9MB Zip File)

We hope you enjoy the game and we look forward to hopefully seeing you as a customer (if you’re not already)!

Graeme & Karl

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