7th Voyage


“In cities and ports across the ancient world, stories are told and retold of great heroes setting sail, and travelling to the ends of the Earth, to find and fulfil their destiny. Watched over by Gods and spirits, whether for good or ill, these adventurous souls risk all, taking fate into their own hands.” The Narrator – Minotaur!

7th Voyage is our tabletop miniatures game set in the world of classic stop motion mythic fantasy films of the 60s and 70s.

Based upon the myths of Ancient Greece, and the fables and stories of the Arabian Nights, you take command of the heroes or villains of legend. Whether you want to quest for the Golden Fleece or raid the nests of the fabled Rocs, 7th Voyage enables you to play out your favourite on-screen action as the story unfolds.

The Rulebook


7th Voyage is available as a 96 page, hardback A4 rulebook or an identical PDF. A standalone supplement, it contains all of the rules needed to enact Greek myths and Arabian adventures. Play either a heroic or villainous cast made up of daring Stars, Co-Stars and Extras, armed with sharp blades and even sharper wits, and master new Spells and Gifts of the Gods, and command a variety of stop motion monsters.

Get the comprehensive history of 7TV Studios spinoff Rough Diamond Studios, with script excerpts, film posters and TV listings. The whole book is illustrated in the usual Crooked Dice silhouette style, and is packed with great photos of scenes being played out.

Included are profiles for new Stars, Co-Stars, Guest Stars and Extras, rules for Magic featuring 18 Spells and 27 Gifts of the Gods, plus new Event cards to better reflect stop motion action. The tokens and Event cards are available to download shortly if you want to save your rulebook.

The System


These rules are based upon the action:engine, which uses models, six-sided dice, tape measures, tokens and a turn-based rules system to simulate the action sequences you might find in film and television.

If you’ve played our 7TV tabletop miniatures game, then you’ll be familiar with the core of our action:engine rules already. These rules use those same mechanics, but they differ in some areas to better reflect the setting of 7th Voyage.

Greater emphasis has been placed on melee rather than ranged combat, a magic system has been included, and some rules have been altered or omitted to capture the spirit of stop motion movies and action-adventure programmes. Author Matt Gibbs invites discussion on 7th Voyage on our Forum here.