“There are only five of us now, three of us didn’t make it when we ran into them on the other side of the stream. None of us wants to think that they are following us, mindless, only wanting to feast on our flesh, but we cannot stop thinking of the horror behind us.

We are all shocked and exhausted but we must keep going. The trees are thinning out and I can see lights ahead… we’ve almost made it… A farm surrounded by bushes but with lights on, there must be other survivors there. No, not bushes – the house is surrounded by dozens of zombies, trying to break in. I can hear their moans even this far away, they sound so close.

They are among the trees. Shambling over dead wood, we are surrounded…”

7ombieTV is our eagerly anticipated standalone Zombie horror spinoff from acclaimed spy-fi miniatures game 7TV. It is the 1980s, and the dead have risen with terrifying amounts of gore and a fearsome appetite for your flesh! Only with a bold heart and a large amount of unlikely weaponry can you survive the night…

Zombie crowd

With the same consideration as to the TV and film source material we brought to spy-fi hit game 7TV, 7ombieTV generates fear and paranoia in every turn as you never know where the dead will strike you next. Games are typically edge of the seat stuff, with an episode of horror not over until the final crawling hand has been nailed to a floorboard, only inches from your throat. Immerse yourself in frantic action, with the upper hand never certain.

7ombieTV is brought to you as a 64 page print or PDF publication which contains all the rules you need to game the rise of the dead. Get new human and Zombie Stars, Co-Stars and Extras, as well as powerful all new Guest Stars you may recognise. New rules allow the undead to thrive within the core 7TV rules, while new weapons allow the survivors to literally strike back some some hope.

9 new Zombie horror themed Event cards and 27 new Scavenge cards add to the unexpected, plus there’s room to add in lots of the cards from 7TV as well. Play out 4 terrifying Zombie horror episodes, and build a cardstock cabin in the woods, courtesy of Carl Stoelzel, whose fault 7ombieTV was in the first place (we would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you pesky kid!)

The Zombies have risen!

Zombie waitress