Our Games

Lights! Camera! Action!

If there is a show or movie, you thought would make a great tabletop skirmish game – then you will be able to play it with Crooked Dice’s 7TV rules. 

Our games aim to recreate the cinematic action that you enjoy in your favourite tv shows or films. Mechanics are simple and quick to learn – so you can enjoy an great couple of hours recreating your favourite on-screen memories on the tabletop.


Our skirmish games are designed for 28mm miniatures and require only a few models per side – 8 or less models for an average game. Models are represented by generic profiles detailing their physical and mental stats along with any special abilities and attacks they might get.

What is 7TV?

7TV is a fun, cinematic style skirmish that allows you to recreate and game in any film or tv show you like across many cinematic worlds. Relive some of 7TV Studio’s great lost shows or create your own and reach new audiences!We currently have three different settings:

  • 7TV: Inch High Spy-Fi is set in the high-octane spy-fi action 1960s and 70s cult TV shows. Spies, minions, masterminds, ghosts, aliens, officialdom, hitmen, coppers and metal killers are all waiting for you.
  • 7TV: Apocalypse takes is set in many post apocalyptic, gritty video-nasty age! Fight across a world full of zombies, survivors, mutants, Giant Ants, wastelands cultists, brutal mohican-sporting warlords, simian overlords! Plus you can enjoy the white line nightmare with new vehicle combat rules.
  • 7TV: Pulp takes the rules back to the 1930s to explore the thrilling adventures of the classic cliffhanger serials


The basic rules allow you to put together a cast of between 3 and 24 (or more!) models. Use your star qualities, special effects and gadgets to get your mission accomplished before the countdown ends and the episode is over. The core rules are generic, so if you’ve seen it on screen or had a dream about your perfect lineup, you can put your cast together quicker than ever before.

First Edition – the Action Engine

The action:engine is the name of our original fast play rules which had three settings 7TV, 7ombieTV and 7th Voyage. The action:engine served us well for ten years, but was replaced by the core 7TV system in 2016 – with slicker, simpler and more cinematic game play.