Our Games

Lights! Camera! Action!

If there is a show or movie, you thought would make a great tabletop skirmish game – then you will be able to play it with Crooked Dice rules. 

Our games aim to recreate the cinematic action that you enjoy in your favourite tv shows or films. Mechanics are simple and quick to learn – so you can enjoy an great couple of hours recreating your favourite on-screen memories on the tabletop.


Our skirmish games are designed for 28mm miniatures and require only a few models per side – 8 or less models for an average game. Models are represented by generic profiles detailing their physical and mental stats along with any special abilities and attacks they might get.

First Edition – the Action Engine

The action:engine is the name of our original fast play rules which underpin our three settings 7TV, 7ombieTV and 7th Voyage.

The action:engine uses simple D6 rolls to achieve everything, so no hunting for odd dice to get playing. The mechanics are simple, modifiers are kept manageable, and everything is nice and grounded – you’ll never need to work out half of 87% or anything similar.

7TV Second Edition

From it’s earliest 2005 incarnation, the action:engine is now ten years old. It had served us well, but needed an update to help it run faster and easier to pick up and play. 2016 sees the launch of the second edition and you can find out more here.