Our Games

The action:engine is the name of our fast play rules which underpins 7TV, 7ombieTV and the Doctor Who Miniatures Game.

The action:engine uses simple D6 rolls to achieve everything, so no hunting for odd dice to get playing. The mechanics are simple, modifiers are kept manageable, and everything is nice and grounded – you’ll never need to work out half of 87% or anything similar.

The game is designed for 28mm miniatures and skirmish games – 12 to 20 models per side for an average game. Models are represented by archetypes – a profile detailing their physical and mental stats along with any special abilities and attacks they might get. The DWMG has fixed archetypes for each character, while 7TV lets you build these within a framework of guidelines.

The action:engine primarily deals with recreating TV-style action, so each turn you’re likely to only be able to use half of your models, more if you’ve got leaders in the right places. This recreates the cameras rolling on certain scenes rather than others, and forces players to prioritise their activities each turn.

All games are compatible, although when we came to write 7TV we thought of new stuff and tweaked a few things. 7TV has a points system for a start, and we made a couple of fundamental alterations to the melee rules. We will put a guide up shortly to make sure you can mix and match spy-fi with unconvincing rubber monsters.