X Commando Advanced Weapon Team

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Department X troops are also trained to use some Advanced weapons to aid against the otherworldly threats they face. Their presence can make the difference to both assault or defence operations and they should be used where they are needed.

The X-Commando Advanced Weapons Team is fielded in 7TV as two models but you can buy either model singly if you prefer. If you buy the team you get a 40mm base as well as two individual bases.

Rules for these models are given in the 7TV 2nd edition Department X Programme Guide PDF or card deck.

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Sculpted by Ernst Veingart and painted by Kevin Dallimore. Supplied unpainted and with a 40mm round base AND 2x 25mm bases. You can optionally choose 30mm bases in the cart when you checkout.

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x X-Commando Gunner, 1x X-Commando Technician