The Weed
The Weed - reverse viewThe Weed - scale image (25mm figure not included)

The Weed


This unstoppable vegetable entity aggressively adapts and dominates any environment it invades – transforming and absorbing all living matter in its path. There are many theories as to the Weed’s true origin. Some speculate it is an ancient flora that has returned to start a glorious green age. Some claim it is the result of genetic tampering. But others believe the seeds are extra-terrestrial in origin, having landed in the primordial earth millennia ago, lying dormant until conditions were right for them to reawaken…

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Sculpted by George Fairlamb. Supplied unpainted and with a 50mm round base. Cast in polyurethane resin. The Weed stands approximately 90mm tall. Provided with a 50mm round base.

The Weed - scale image (25mm figure not included)

The Weed - reverse view


  1. Rating by “Undead Aldryami” for Runequest RPG | The Other One's Vault of the Undead on September 4, 2016 :

    […] We’ve encountered undead versions of the more ‘regular’ man-sized Aldryami, smaller knee -high creatures, all thorns and sharp edges and one or two large, tree-sized Aldryami creatures. Graeme has been representing the latter with this superb miniature;  “The Weed” by Crooked Dice Game Design. […]

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