Squatter Camp
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Squatter Camp


This set consists of enough parts to build the pictured squatter settlement. Due to the modular construction, it is possible to build up to seven individual building from the parts, the pictured four buildings, or even only one single giant complex!

Enough accessories are provided to fill the camp: crates, barrels, tires, and piles of garbage to provide cover during skirmishes.

This set is suitable for a variety of genres from modern to post-apocalyptic and has playable interiors. Each set consists the following parts:

  • 27 Wall pieces
  • 5 Roof pieces
  • 2 Floor pieces
  • 4 Door Curtains
  • 3 Crate and Barrel stacks
  • 4 Tyre stacks
  • 4 Small Junk Piles
  • 45 Connecters

The set comes unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures and other terrain shown for scale only.

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