Sci-Fi Street Folk
Sci-Fi Street Folk

Sci-Fi Street Folk

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Colony 87 had grown in power over the decades. It was now the most important centre for trade, industry, science and arts in the sector. Millions flocked to the Colony; the rich and the powerful, the ambitious and the desperate. There was a place for them all, no matter how high-born or lowly:

  • With his loyal robot companion ZoZu, Karlston waits patiently with his Aunt Octavia, ready to travel offworld to visit the Livid Nebula.
  • This waif is a cunning pickpocket, waiting dough-eyed around the marketplace with her lovable ant puppy. Ludo earns good coin pilfering from kind-hearted fools.
  • Feeling peckish while wandering around the marketplace, then pick up a snack from food vendor Lazlo Zhao, peddler of cronk-burgers, algaeslurps and bolafingers.
  • A status symbol amongst the dynastic families, these gothic ‘pets’ are grown to order. Rumours persist of rogue packs of Homunculids roaming the disused service tunnels under the Artists’ Quarter.
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Sculpted by John Pickford and Andrew May and cast in white metal.

Sci-Fi Street Folk

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x Karlston, 1x Ludo, 1x Food Vendor, 1x Homunculid


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