Savage Schoolgirls I

Savage School Girls 1

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These unruly progeny have risen to the challenge of the end of the world and are ready to take on all-comers. Dorothy loves sport and cooking – she’s armed with a baseball bat and a rucksack full of homemade explosives. Then we have three delightful fourth formers, two are equipped with ladles of attitude and lethal catapults, while “Violent” Elizabeth is just ready to “thcweam and thcweam”!

These models are perfect for use as St. Searle’s School Girls, as featured in the 7TV supplement The 1967 Annual.

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Sculpted by Neil Mckenzie and supplied unpainted. These models are supplied with 25mm round bases as standard, although you can specify 30mm display bases when you checkout.

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x Dorothy, 1x 4th Former A (Two Fingers), 1x 4th Former B (Firing Catapult), 1x 4th Former C (Thcweaming!)