Modern (L) and Classic (R) Robo-RodentsRobo-Rodents in action


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Robo-Rodents are small mechanoid infiltration units, able to silently hide under the very noses of an opposing force. They are frequently utilised by evildoers with even only very limited technical resources, as they can be built and programmed with ease. With these vanadium vermin underfoot the havoc will shut down even the most efficient installations while the main invasion plans get underway.

Profiles for Robo-Rodents are given in the 7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game..

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Sculpted by Greg Storey. Supplied unpainted with 20mm round bases. Robo-Rodents come both with and without aerials – your models will be supplied as a mix of both types.

Automates and Robo-Rodents in action

Automates and Robo-Rodents

Modern (L) and Classic (R) Robo-Rodents


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