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Programme Guide: United Radionics PDF (7TV 1st edition)


United Radionics presents a carefully crafted public persona of a forward thinking global corporation. In reality it is involved in multiple underhand operations, from creating artificial foodstuffs from toxic waste to advanced learning machines using discredited Soviet brainwashing technology. Get the dossier containing the history, current operations, personnel and tactics of United Radionics in our 54 page PDF.

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Each Programme Guide details one 7TV cast in maximum detail. United Radionics is a global multinational company with a carefully crafted image of benevolence and altruism. In reality each member is collectively responsible for all kinds of industrial and environmental scheming, from Lancelot Cray down to the lowliest minion. This 54 page PDF contains the following:

  • Making United Radionics: The off-screen history of the company
  • Watching United Radionics: The on-screen history of UR, compiled from it’s appearances on TV
  • United Radionics Episode Guide: A brief synopsis of the episodes featuring UR
  • United Radionics Script Extracts: Get a flavour of the show with these sparkling script extracts
  • Playing United Radionics: Tactics, 3 exclusive Event cards, new Special Effects, Weapons and Vehicles to field test
  • United Radionics Locations: From Motorway Zero to the Panguan Pyramid , all the most important locations connected with the show
  • The Cast of United Radionics: Full profiles for all of UR’s most important figures, including Lancelot Cray, Lionel, the Man in the Lead Lined Suit and Professor Andros. Field the UR Troubleshooter archetype, or bring all sorts of new Extras, from the Federated Security through to the towering Vegemate monstrosity.
  • New Episode: Fight industrial unrest aboard a remote UR oil rig in The Fafnir Operation, with full cast lists