Programme Guide: The Man From 2000 PDF (7TV 1st edition)


Project Time Lift is the semi-official research project working on bringing objects forwards in time. Darius, the Man From 2000 was brought back in time in an accident, and now the organisation is at the forefront of temporal investigation.

54 pages of PDF detailing the episodes, behind the scenes & on-screen history, personalities, equipment and gadgets of The Man From 2000. From Darius to the Project’s Temps, get the stats you need as well as unique Event and Gadget Cards and a new episode. This PDF is packed with background and stats and is invaluable if you intend to play Project Time LIft and the Time Lift Security in your own games of 7TV.

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Each Programme Guide details one 7TV cast in maximum detail. The Man From 2000 is Darius, a man brought to the present from the future year 2000 by the top secret government Time Lift Project. Both now work in tandem to counter chronological threats to the country, using tactics, technology and temporal tweaking. This 54 page PDF contains the following:

  • Making The Man From 2000: The off-screen history behind the 7TV Studios most mindbending show
  • Watching The Man From 2000: The on-screen history of Project Time Lift, compiled from all three series of transmitted material
  • The Man From 2000 Episode Guide: A brief synopsis of all known surviving episodes
  • The Man From 2000 Script Extracts: Get a flavour of the show with these great script extracts
  • Playing The Man From 2000: Investigate the tactics, 3 exclusive Event cards, loads of new Gadgets, new Special Effects and the weaponry of PTL
  • The Man From 2000 Locations: The show used a variety of unusual locations – past, present and future. We detail some of these
  • The Cast of The Man From 2000: Full profiles for all of Project Time Lift’s most important figures, including Darius, Professor Plantagenet, Jim Barrowight and Sir Benton Troad. Try the new Time Lift Captain archetype, and the new Extras which include the ever popular Time Lift Security and the eager Temps
  • New Episode: Historical raiders are in the building! The Time Lift Security must deal with raiders from the past in E=MC Scared, with full cast lists
  • Time-Lost: Full stats for Dinosaurs(!) and all kinds of historical miscreants, all of which can be used in any villainous cast.
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