Programme Guide: The Argonauts PDF (7TV 1st edition)


This 44 page PDF details everything you need to know about Ulysses Argo and his mechanical creations. Fuelled by a deep hatred of humanity, Argo uses his robotic minions to wage war against mankind. The rules, background, behind the scenes info and stats are all here so you can get them into 7TV without having to know all that annoying machine code.

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Each Programme Guide details one 7TV cast in maximum detail. Maniacal inventor Ulysses Argo is hell bent on revenge with his army of mechanical monsters, and now you can command them! This 44 page PDF contains the following:

  • Making The Argonauts: The off-screen history behind the 7TV Studios ‘Bronze Age’
  • Watching The Argonauts: The on-screen history of the Argonauts, detailing all episodes they guest starred in
  • The Beat Episode Guide: A brief synopsis of all known surviving episodes
  • The Argonauts Script Extracts: Long lost script extracts from various TV shows highlight their menace
  • Playing The Argonauts: Argonaut tactics, 4 exclusive Event cards, 6 new Programs cards, new Special Effects, plus Argo’s giant Tripod walker
  • The Argonaut Locations: From secret production facilities, to mountain lairs to outer space.
  • The Cast of The Argonauts: Full profiles for the most important figures – human and robot, including Argo, AC & DC, Talos, the MadameDroid and Archimedes. Plus field awesome Extras such as the Mk 1 through 3 Argonauts, FemDroids, Furies, Automates, Repair Drones and the awesome BombDroid and Robo-Minions
  • New Episode: Argo attempts to hurry up the process of Government by bringing his own petition of destruction to Downing Street via his Argonauts. Vote Argo (or else!)