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7TV2 Programme Guide: Paranormal Exterminators PDF


Here’s the first release for our 7TV second edition rules – the Paranormal Exterminators programme guide. With thirty new profiles for ghost hunters spectres, spooks and cryptozoological threats, this 24 page PDF will allow you to add a supernatural spin to your 7TV games. Also included are four scenarios and background material on the little known Dead On Arrival television show from the Barron archives – all illustrated with photography from Kevin Dallimore.

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Contents include:

  • Rules for building casts for the two new genres: Exterminators and Paranormal
  • 30 new profiles for hunters, spooks and cryptozoological threats including: Poltergeists, Spectres, Demon Dogs, Ectons, Harbingers, Grey, Jersey Devil and Creepers to name a few. Plus named Co-Stars such The Bell Witch, the Aqua-Maniac and the Missing Link and of course our four most famous paranormal exterminators!
  • Background on 7TV Studios show Dead On Arrival and it’s US counterpart – including a full episode list from the first (and only) american series.
  • Four episodes – Cats and Dogs Living Together, Tunnel Vision, Shadow Over Funland and Fright at the Museum – with suggested scenarios and casts
  • Two new Unit cards for U.S. Police officers and a SWAT team.