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Hand Weapon Minions

Minions with Hand Weapons

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As any Evil Genius knows, Minions are the expendable labour behind every megalomaniac scheme. Choose one or more of 4 different Minions armed with pistols or batons. Each Minion comes with a separate head on the tab, so you can swap them around, or choose any of our existing heads to customise your goons.

Profiles for Minions are given in the 7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game.

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Sculpted by Mark Evans with weapons by Ian Mountain. Choice of 4 miniatures unpainted and supplied with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm display bases in the cart.

Hand Weapon Minions

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x Hand Weapon A (Pistol kneeling), 1x Hand Weapon B (Pistol standing), 1x Hand Weapon C (Baton 1), 1x Hand Weapon D (Baton 2)