The Men From The Future
The Man From 3000

Men From The Future

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Project Time Lift’s test run went far further into the future than was intended – and brought back Darius, a mysterious man from the year 2000. Trapped in the past he uses his knowledge and mental powers to aid the team and try to get himself home. Further trials saw the terrible appearance of an evil time traveller from further into the future – The Man From 3000! These models are also useful for portraying commanders of secret oganisations, or forcibly captured ex-spies, we know you just want the information…

Rules for Darius are due in the forthcoming 2nd edition Project Time Lift Programme Guide.

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Sculpted by Ian Mountain. Unpainted and supplied with a separate head and armed hand option. Supplied with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm display bases in the cart.

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x The Man From 2000, 1x The Man From 3000