Maguffin objective markers


Getting the maguffin is of critical importance to everyone! This set of EIGHT scenic objective markers includes:

  • The Golden Idol – the centrepiece of any ancient, crumbling temple, the Golden Idol is as much trap as treasure.
  • The Priceless Jewel – displayed in museums or private collections, this enormous gemstone can attract unwanted attention from cat burglars and obsessive collectors.
  • The Unholy Tome – this blasphemous text is rumoured to hold cosmic truths not meant for the human mind to comprehend.
  • The Holy Grail – this blessed chalice is the ultimate maguffin – with the legendary power to heal any wound – and even restore the dead back to life.
  • The Occult Statue – this unsettling cyclopean carving is prized amongst collectors who hope to unlock its ancient secrets.
  • The Monkey Totem – this golden treasure is protected by savage simians, deep in the islands of the South Pacific.
  • The Ark – lost to the ages, and holding the very power of God, this holy relic is the ultimate prize!
  • The Falcon – the true power and purpose of this highly sought after jewel encrusted statue remains a mystery, but to a very few.

In Stock

Cast in white metal. Supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart.


Maguffins painted by Jon Atter





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