cd-cops-group-close-smallcd-cops-group-smallLawmen with Rifles (large)Lawmen with SMG (large)Lawmen with Pistols (large)Lawmen with Batons (large)



Lawmen! Sworn to catch criminals, patrol factory perimeters, eat donuts and deal with the good ‘ole boys having a bar brawl. Each pack of 4 lawmen have headless bodies, and 4 of each head (12 heads in all!):

  • Security Guard caps, US Cop peaked hats and wide brim Sheriff hats.

Make them up as whatever kind of lawmen you like, armed how you fancy!

Please Select:

Sculpted by Nick Collier and Ernst Veingart. Supplied unpainted with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm round bases when you checkout.

cd-cops-group-close-small cd-cops-group-small

Lawmen with Batons (large) Lawmen with Pistols (large) Lawmen with SMG (large) Lawmen with Rifles (large)

Please Select: 4x Lawmen with hand weapons, 4x Lawmen with pistols, 4x Lawmen with rifles, 4x Lawmen with SMGs