Immortal Evils
Ancient EvilDegenerate Monarch

Immortal Evils


This set of two models includes and Ancient Evil and Degenerate Monarch.

Risen from the desert sands, ancient jungles, or the unhallowed crypts of a crumbling castle, this Ancient Evil walks the Earth spreading corruption wherever it treads. Perhaps they seek to rebuild an empire, or exact a terrible revenge from those that persecuted their ancestors, or even raise an army of devoted servants to help enslave the world.

Whether they are the hereditary ruler of a declining nation, succumbing to inbred insanity, or the long-senile leader of an ancient civilisation, the Degenerate Monarch is unfeeling and unforgiving in their reign. Their terrifying presence instils discipline and loyalty in all of their subjects, from the insignificant soldiers that lay down their lives to the supple concubines that warm their bed.

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Cast in white metal. Supplied unpainted with a 25mm slottabase. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart. Painted for displayed by Simon Bradley.

Ancient Evil

Degenerate Monarch


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