Grandville PG PDF

Grandville: 7TV Programme Guide PDF


Set in an alternate history of anthropomorphic animals and steampunk automata, Grandville follows the adventures of Detective Inspector Archibald “Archie” LeBrock of Scotland Yard! This 7TV second edition programme guide contains profiles and episodes so you can fight as the furry-faced heroes and villains of Bryan Talbot’s acclaimed graphic novel series.

This 80 page PDF contains:

  • An exhaustive Grandville timeline dating back to the Great Flood and ending with the events of Force Majeure.
  • New Gadgets: a whole new deck of Grandville gadgets from brolly swords to exploding pipes with which to outfit your heroes and villains.
  • New Countdown Cards: To give episodes that uniquely Grandville atmosphere, this programme guide includes a new deck of countdown cards to evoke the elegant, deadly, action-packed drama of the graphic novels.
  • New Episodes: New generic episode The Rescue is detailed, as well as a series of original episodes set in the world of Grandville with quick-start casts and special rules already supplied.
  • New Profiles – 40 new profiles for LeBrock, Ratzi, Billie and 35 other individual profiles detailing their allies and enemies over two new genres. Plus a range of steam-driven vehicles.
  • New Injury rules

A copy of the 7TV rules are needed for play. Available from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio:

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Written by Helena Nash and jointly published by Ocelot Games and Crooked Dice Game Design Studio. Illustrations reproduced by kind permission of Bryan Talbot.

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