Sgt 'Big Tam' FraserGeneral Gordon

General Gordon & ‘Big Tam’ Frazer

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Both of these Department X veterans bring their military expertise to the top secret organisation. Gordon takes all manner of alien and unexplained threats in his stride, preferring to “shoot first and scrape the bits off later”. ‘Big Tam’ Frazer is Gordon’s right hand man, a hardy Scots veteran of many a campaign. The Department brings one or both of these men when hard force is required, and so far they have never failed.

Rules for these models are given in the 7TV 2nd edition Department X Programme Guide PDF or card deck.

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Models sculpted by Ernst Veingart and painted by Kevin Dallimore, supplied unpainted with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm display bases when you checkout.



Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x General Gordon, 1x 'Big Tam' Frazer