Cynical GumshoeCrusading crimefighter



This set includes the Crusading Crimefighter and Cynical Gumshoe.

The Crusading Crimefighter might fight crime from behind an anonymous mask or an assumed identity or serve as a government agent dedicated to defeating sinister crime-lords. Weighing the scales of justice, they laugh in the face of corruption. Wherever crime rears its ugly head, they’ll be there.

The Cynical Gumshoe walks the mean streets of an unforgiving city, staying one step ahead in a game with no rules. They play against hoodlums, grifters, button men and cold-hearted dames. Honesty in a dishonest world is their virtue, and the path ahead is a winding, lonely road.

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Cast in white metal. Supplied unpainted with a 25mm slottabase. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart. Painted for displayed by Simon Bradley.

Crusading crimefighter

Cynical Gumshoe


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