Corn Dolls

Corn Dolls

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Crudely stitched together from twine and sacking these rural menaces lurch forwards through the ploughed rows, implacably advancing to menace and eliminate those they encounter. Bullets pass right through them, and pulling them apart barely causes them to break their uneven strides.

These miniatures are perfect for use as Animated Constructs in the 7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game. Further rules for Corn Dolls will appear in the upcoming Children of the Fields Programme Guide.

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Choice of 2 miniatures sculpted by Mark Evans, unpainted and requiring assembly – please specify which you would like from the menu on the right. Supplied with a 25mm round base, unless you specify a 30mm display base in the cart.

Please Select: Deal: 2x Each model, 1x Corn Doll A (Fabric neck tie), 1x Corn Doll B (Rope neck tie)