Lawman Box Set

Lawmen Starter Set

From: £35.00

Bolster the forces of good and unleash a wave of lawmen with this epic packed boxed set! Get 16 headless bodies:

  • 4 each with hand weapons, pistols, rifles and SMGs

You also get a choice of 3 heads for EACH model:

  • Security Guard caps, US Cop peaked hats and wide brim Sheriff hats.

That’s a staggering 48 heads in one box! The combinations you can make from this box set are truly enormous (as is the overtime bill!).

Please note the European price includes a +£1 shipping supplement, for International customers this is +£3.

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Sculpted by Nick Collier and Ernst Veingart. Supplied unpainted with 25mm bases.

cd-cops-group-small cd-cops-group-close-small Lawmen with Batons (large) Lawmen with Pistols (large) Lawmen with SMG (large) Lawmen with Rifles (large) sheriff-posse-heads city-cop-heads security-guard-heads

Shipping Location United Kingdom, Europe, Rest of the World