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Box Set: Federated Security

From: £25.00

Start a new 7TV cast or expand an existing one with this box set of 11 Federated Security models. Suppress those trying to liberate the galaxy or simply staff a United Radionics installation with this brilliant box of terrifying troopers. This Box Set comprises:

  • 6x Federated Security Guards with Carbines
  • 1x Federated Security Guard Commander with balaclava and helmet heads
  • 2x Federated Security Mutaints
  • 1x Federated Security Heavy Weapon Trooper
  • 1x Security Robot

Save more than £11 on buying the contents of this starter set individually. Download the stats and rules PDF for this starter set here.

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Miniatures require some assembly and are supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Ian Mountain and Martin Buck.

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