Black Goat
Black Goat

Black Goat


Locals refer to the strange giant markings in the muddy fields around Winterly as the Devil’s Footprints and some claim that Old Nick himself stalks the land. The infernal prescence known as the Black Goat has been entwined with the history of Winterly for generations.

A dreadful pact was made with the beast that ensured the village’s prosperity – but at a terrible and bloody cost. Generations of the Winterly family have tried to break the bargain, but the diabolic, ever hungry entity always takes it’s pound of flesh. The best they can do is to try to bolster their defences and hold back the Black Goat and his servants, the sinsiter Goat-Kin and undead Husks, from talking a foothold in our world.

However, in the dead of night the trip-trap of cloven hooves can still be heard from behind locked doors and when dawn rises, beds are empty and the children gone…

This resin model stands approximately 70mm tall.

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