Armed Astronauts

Armed ARC Astronauts

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When things get tough, the ARC Astronauts think nothing of getting the heavy ordnance out. Up your firepower and ignore the physics of firing things in a weightless environment, we’ll worry about that kind of thing. Choose between one Astronaut with a pistol, one holding a rifle, or one sighting down a very impressive rocket launcher, or simply up your damage output with all three.

These miniatures are perfect to represent the Armed Astronaut profile in the 7TV 2nd edition Boxed Game.

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Sculpted by Ian Mountain. Choice of 3 miniatures unpainted and supplied with 25mm round bases, unless you specify 30mm display bases in the cart. Miniatures each supplied with a separate head.

Please Select: Deal: 1x Each model, 1x Armed Astronaut (Pistol), 1x Armed Astronaut (Rifle), 1x Armed Astronaut (Rocket Launcher)