Alien pets
C87 Alien PetsAlien Pets

Alien Pets


These alien fauna are great to populate any outer rim world – whether they be pets, or wild creatures.

The Testudo Bird is imported from the Core Worlds for its delicious meat and rock-hard shell, this flightless creature is renowned for its stupidity. The Feathered Hopper is a native of the colony’s southern rainforests, the luminous feathers of this adorable amphibian are worn by the dilettantes of the Spires as a vulgar mark of their wealth.

The Squppet is an Amphiran import, this octopoid pet is genetically engineered to emit a range of empathic waves. Soothing to infants and also used by Baung junkies as a downer.

Other natives natives of Colony 87 are a strange tree dwelling feathered chameleiod, curious karakulak and the bizarre insect-eating vermilepus.

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