Children of the Fields Programme Guide

Programme Guide 7TV2: Children of the Fields

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The Children of the Fields is the name given to the occupants of the peculiar village of Winterly. It seems a place out of time, with no trappings of modern technology. The community, led by Lady Sylvia Winterly has an innate grasp of the wild forces of nature, each member’s talent manifesting in its own peculiar way.

This 40 page printed booklet for the 7TV second edition rules contains:

  • Background information on the filming and fictional history of the Children of the Fields.
  • Information on cast members with tactical tips on how to use them in play.
  • 35 Profiles with full rules for SHIVA stars, co-stars, extras, vehicles and units.
  • Listings for 20 Arcana cards with full rules for on how to bring magical items into your 7TV games
  • 6 new episodes – playable by both Children of the Fields and any other 2nd edition casts.
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