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7TV2 Programme Guide Cast: Department X


“What are you telling me? You knocked the dial and disintegrated Nelson’s Column? On a bank holiday?”
Led by super spy Hugo Solomon, Department X operates in secret to deal with alien and unexplained threats to Great Britain. Get in on the act with this brilliant starter set of 8 models, and prove that psychic powers and a huge governmental budget CAN make the difference…

This starter cast contains 8 Department X miniatures, with a total of 35 ratings:

  • 1x Hugo Solomon
  • 1x X-Commando Captain
  • 2x X-Commandos with rifles
  • 2x X-Commandos with SMGs
  • 1x X-Commando Advanced Weapon Team

You will need the either the Department X Programme Guide PDF or Department X Profile Card Deck to use these models in 7TV 2nd edition.

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