7TV2 1967 Annual

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The 1967 Annual is a 64 page compendium of great new content for 7TV 2nd edition. This softback book features new articles, profiles, programme guides, the new Ratings War campaign rules and stories as well as 68 new profile cards, 12 ratings war cards and 4 new Daredevils gadgets. The Annual contains:

  • Ratings War: Simple rules for 7TV campaigns
  • Marty’s Monster: Mike Jarvis gives us full background and stats for his 7TV kids show cast
  • Most Wanted: 6 Stars and Co-Stars and 2 Extras to take your open casting criminal casts in new directions
  • Customising 7TV Cards: Stephen Thorpe show us how to make your own bespoke 7TV cards
  • The Girls of St. Searle’s: The unruly students and their long-suffering teachers make it into 2nd edition 7TV
  • Blood For The Baron!: Graeme gets nostalgic and starts gaming a Red Shadows cast in 7TV
  • The Daredevils: The Dare sisters don’t do low key. Add them as allies to any heroic cast with these rules
  • Episode Guide: 6 new episodes suitable for any cast, from the Show of Force to a Treasure Hunt
  • All Out War!: The definitive rules for playing a standard game of 7TV
  • Fiction: Marty’s Monster in “The Brush Off” and the Daredevils in “Ladies Night”
  • The Cards: 68 profile, unit, vehicle and cast card for everything covered in the Annual including 8 new 7TV2 open casting cards to make your boxed game even better. Plus 12 Ratings War cards and 4 new Daredevils gadget cards
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