Summer Special

Summer Special PDF (7TV 1st edition)


While away the long summer hours with 48 pages of invaluable all new 7TV rules. Includes campaign rules, new weapons, event and gadget cards, extras, animals, guest stars, scenarios and an Alien race! 48 page PDF.

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School’s out. Two weeks in a tent awaits. Only the 7TV Summer Special can get you through!

New weapons, Stars, Extras, episodes, a complete set of campaign rules and a new alien race! Enough to last you the entire holidays – and beyond! So get out the deckchair. Put a flake in your cornet. And tune into 7TV.

The first supplement for acclaimed fast action spy-fi miniatures 7TV game is here. This expansion is stacked full of extra stuff to make your games even more action packed:

  • Ratings War: The complete 7TV system for running multi-player campaign games. Become the producer of your own show and take over the airwaves!
  • Weapons Locker: 6 new weapons to literally do your opponent’s heads in.
  • Casting Call: 3 new Extras and 12 wild animals with bite (or stings, or claws…)
  • Programme Guide: Stats for 7TV personalities Tweedy Mattison, May Killan and Daisy Taylor
  • The Envoys: A complete new race of malevolent aliens. Get behind the sofa, human!
  • Episode Guide: 9 new Event & Gadget cards plus 2 new quick play episodes and a 2 part campaign, The Claws of Sectus
  • Appendices: Counters, templates, cards plus the revised cast list and reference page