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Fight across the tabletop as your favourite Cult TV or spy-fi heroes or villains, or create your own. Flamboyant geniuses, karate kicking angels or unearthly agents sent to maintain the universal balance fight against double agents, sultry spies, mad scientists and supernatural legends. So get out from behind the sofa. Put the kettle on. And tune in to 7TV. 184 hardback book and/or PDF.

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“7TV studios was the brainchild of the late maverick millionaire Sidney Barron, and produced a number of television shows in the 1960s and 70s – all contemporary action adventure serials. Most believed these shows were lost to the archives, but Crooked Dice have uncovered several boxes of cans of film. Now they can reveal some of 7TV’s short lived series and abandoned pilots.”

Helena Rodings, Cult Zone Magazine, April 2010

The plots are preposterous and the guest stars improbable. Car chases, debonair adventuring, punch-ups, explosions and open-top sports cars are all in a days work in 7TV. From the groovy mews of London town to the casino tables of Monte Carlo, flamboyant rogues and high-kicking heroines safeguard the world against madmen, despots and secret cults.

7TV is 28mm scale Cult TV skirmish gaming at it’s peak. From gritty cop shows through tongue-in-cheek spy-fi to weird Aliens on Earth you can do it all with these rules, some dice and miniatures. This stylish rulebook contains within its 184 pages:

  • The Rules: Easy to learn D6 based mechanics to get you playing sharpish
  • The Casting Couch: 12 Star, 12 Co-Star and 21 Extra archetypes to customise to create your own cast – from stylish Flamboyant Agents to sexy silicon Femdroids!
  • Special Effects: 75 special abilities to let your cast get into and out of all kinds of trouble
  • Programme Guide: Stats for the most famous persons from 4 all time classic 7TV shows
  • Episode Guide: 39 Event cards and 41 Gadget cards to upset your opponent’s plans during play. Now is the time to Seize the Moment with your Temporal Grenade! Plus 4 quick play episodes and a 4 part campaign
  • Location Manager: Details and rules for all kinds of scenic settings for your games, from brooding country estates to dark docklands
  • Appendices: All the tables, cards, tokens and pages you need to play. Everything you need is also downloadable free from the Crooked Dice website.
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